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AHAA Microchip Search

If you find a pet and have a microchip number, this site can help you see where the pet's microchip is registered and help you to reunite them with their owners. Sometimes, they are not registered and then the microchip cannot help. If your pet is microchipped and you are not sure which company they are registered with, or if they are not registered, this site can help you figure out which company to contact to update information just by putting in their number. The name, phone number and website of the microchip manufacturer will be identified.

International Export of Animals Regulations, USDA-APHIS

If you plan to travel with your pet, this is the site you need to visit! The USDA-APHIS are responsible for importation requirements of animals as well as having links for export of animals to other countries. This is not just a livestock issue...our dogs and cats need to meet specific requirements to be permitted to enter foreign countries. A word to the wise, start planning for your pet's travel requirements as soon as possible. Some countries require specific blood tests and protocols that can take several months to be complete.

Companion Animal Parasite Council - Pets & Parasites

Most of our pets are infected at some point in their lifetimes with parasites, this site is a great resource for educating yourself about the parasites our fuzzy friends can have. Some are only a danger to the host, your pet, but others can cause disease in humans as well. For information on more species besides dogs and cats, check out the CAPC's main page...it has information on even more parasites.

Zoonotic Diseases - CDC

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans will get sick from a disease they caught from a bug or other animal. These are known as zoonotic diseases. Because diseases from bugs and other animals cause about 3 out of 5 new human sicknesses, the CDC is always tracking and reporting them. Lyme disease, hookworms, roundworms, E. coli, Salmonella, leptospirosis, ringworm and rabies are all examples of zoonotic diseases.

Tick identification site

Face it, tick are pretty gross. They suck our blood and spread really nasty diseases. This site is awesome for helping identify the tick you just found on your dog...or yourself. It will tell you the diseases, if any, that type of tick might carry. It gives forecasts for tick activity by season for the different species of ticks. Lots of awesome, yet icky, pictures of different species of ticks in different stages of development to aid in identification.

Help Me Up Harness

If you have a large dog with arthritis, or other orthopedic issue, that makes getting up and down without assistance difficult...these harnesses may help out. Your dog can wear this harness all the time and permit you to help him get up inside the house, make navigating stairs safer...and make it easier for your back! Score!

The Association of American Feed Control Officials

If you look at your pet food labels, you'll see the abbreviation AAFCO, that's these guys. Some pet foods will say their food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for a particular species, basically a cookbook approach. Other pet foods will say that animal feeding tests using AFFCO procedures substantiate that this diet provides complete and balanced nutrition for a particular species. These foods have used the cookbook and then made sure that the end product provides the nutrition it claims by doing feeding trials...these diets have "one upped" the cookbook approach. You have to look closely as this is all in really tiny print!

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